I can’t believe it’s not metal

More than a slogan or tag-line, “I can’t believe it’s not metal” is what people really say about Pampa Bay products.  We hear these words over and over again at trade shows, in retail stores and in response to advertising.  Our titanium coated porcelain looks like bright silver.  And yet, it is so much more durable and easier to care for than silver.

Have you ever served a salad or fruit in a silver bowl?  Have you forgotten to rinse it out right after use?  Typically, the acids in food will tarnish silver within a couple of hours.  But with Pampa Bay, you can leave your left overs sitting in the bowls overnight.  Get up the next morning, dump the leftovers and pop the Pampa Bay in the dishwasher.  It will come out sparkling like the day you brought it home from the store.

Verona, Millennium and other silver tone Pampa Bay items look so much like silver that no one will believe they are porcelain.  The color is neither a decal nor paint.  It is titanium applied using our revolutionary process.  Titanium is a lustrous metal with high strength.  It is applied to high-fired porcelain to create Pampa Bay items. 

Durable, easy care, oven safe (to 350°), dishwasher safe, food safe, scratch resistant, beautiful, casually elegant… Once you try a piece, you’ll join the chorus of consumers saying, “I can’t believe it’s not metal!”

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