Self-Care Sanctuary

Finding ways to relax while staying at home can be difficult. It is important to take time for yourself to relax and unwind, but where to do it? As our bedrooms become our home offices, kitchens become the hottest restaurant in town and living rooms become everyone’s favorite new hangout, it can be hard to carve out a space that delivers peace and relaxation. In this blog we’ll show you how to turn your bathroom into your very own oasis! With the elegance of Pampa Bay products, you’ll be transported to your favorite spa without having to leave your home. Create a warm and inviting space where you can unwind away from the stress of everyday life.

Golden Getaway

Our Golden Salerno line is the perfect collection to bring the warm and relaxing atmosphere you want for your at-home haven. The organic shapes and warm gold-titanium tones of these pieces will surely leave you feeling transported to a soothing spa experience. Here is everything you will need to create the perfect golden getaway:

Oversized Serving Bowl (CER-1713-WG): Elegantly display your towels in the Oversized Serving Bowl from our Golden Salerno collection. Don’t worry about water getting on this piece and ruining the beautiful gold-titanium finish, our products are tarnish free!
3-Section Serving Piece (CER-2573-WG): Beautifully organize all of your spa essentials in the 3-Section Serving Piece from our Golden Salerno collection. The three sections will store everything you’ll need to create the perfect spa experience like your bath bombs, loofa and favorite soaps.
Large Oval Platter (CER-1723-WG): Keep your bath necessities close at hand on the Large Oval Platter from our Golden Salerno collection. Display your favorite body washes, oils and lotions in style. No need to stress when it’s time to clean your platter, our products are easy care and dishwasher safe!
Golden Bead Set (SET-2003): The Golden Bead Set from our Get Gifty line is perfect for housing your favorite bath salts. The set includes a beautiful matching porcelain spoon so you can easily scoop your desired amount into your bubbling bath. Don’t worry about the harsh bath salts ruining your set, our products are tarnish free!
Small Bowl (CER-1717-WG): We also like to round out our relaxation with a glass of champagne and a delicious snack. Serve your snack in style in the Small Bowl from our Golden Salerno collection. Friendly tip: it’s the perfect size for two decadent scones!

Vibrant Vanity

Don’t stop your at-home spa experience at your tub! Bring the elegance and warmth of the Golden Salerno collection to your vanity as well. Here is everything you’ll need to create your vibrant vanity:
Small Rectangular Tray (CER-2431-WG): Your beauty essentials have a stylish new home on our Small Rectangular Tray from the Golden Salerno collection. Keep your vanity organized and elegant with this tray!
Square Snack Bowl (CER-2251-WG): Convenience and style collide when you use the Square Snack Bowl from the Golden Salerno collection to hold your cotton rounds and Q-tips. Now your essentials are easy to access while still being displayed in beauty!
Round Appetizer/Dessert Plate (CER-2258-WG): Who knew hand soap could look so good? Take your soap dish to the next level by using the Round Appetizer/Dessert Plate from our Golden Salerno collection to display your soap and hand towel.
Oval Condiment Bowl (CER-2538-WG): The Oval Condiment Bowl from our Golden Salerno collections makes the perfect catch-all for your small jewelry pieces like rings and earrings! We love this bowl because it keeps us organized, looks great on our vanity and it won’t scratch or tarnish from everyday use.