Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Did you know it is today? We didn’t know either, but we love any excuse to bake chocolate chip cookies. In this blog we’ll show you how easy it is to bake some delicious cookies with Pampa Bay products! We are using A Cozy Kitchen’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to celebrate.

To make these yummy cookies we used products from our Millennium Collection:

  • Large Round Bowl (CER-2517): we mixed all our dry ingredients together in this generously sized bowl. Don’t worry about whisking everything together right in the bowl, our products are scratch resistant!
  • Medium Oval Bowl (CER-2019): for the melted butter we used the Oval Bowl. Its unique shape makes it easy to pour the butter into the mixer!
  • Medium Round Bowl (CER-2588): this bowl is the perfect size for the generous amount of chocolate you will need to make these delicious cookies.
  • 4-Piece Entertaining Set (WB-019): we used the three gorgeous bowls on this set to hold our granulated sugar, brown sugar and eggs. The bowls are not attached to the beautiful acacia wood board, so you can easily pour each ingredient into the mixer as need.
  • Medium Serving Platter (CER-1140): we served our freshly baked cookies on our Medium Serving Platter. The best part about using this platter, other than its beauty and style, is that it is freezer to oven to table ready! That means when you’re done you can wrap up your leftovers and stick them in the fridge. Then when you’re ready for some more, you can warm your cookies up in the oven, platter and all, and serve!

Pampa Bay products make our least favorite part of baking – cleaning up – a breeze! Our products are dishwasher safe, by the time the first batch comes out of the oven, your counters can be clear!